Sunday, February 5, 2012

Aaron Industrial Marketplace Auction Platform Targets New Niche for 2012

AIM Auction Platform Focusing on Businesses that Need to Liquidate Equipment Fast 

Chicago, IL – February 5, 2012 – Following a highly successful effort last month to quickly liquidate a going-out-of-business heat treating metal parts manufacturer, Aaron Industrial Marketplace (AIM) realized that it had unearthed an overlooked niche. The auction platform provider immediately set its sights on serving businesses in a similar situation. That accomplishment has fueled AIM to make plants and manufacturing facilities that are closing their doors and must therefore sell off their assets fast an additional corporate focus in 2012.

The Aaron Industrial Marketplace has been in business for over two years now, and in that timeframe it has helped numerous businesses turn their excess equipment and machinery into cash. The venture into rapid liquidation of equipment is therefore more of an extension of its already proven business model rather than a brand new direction.

“We’ve always targeted businesses that had equipment to sell but didn’t have the expertise to get it sold themselves. Now all we’re doing is adding a lack of time to that equation,” explains company spokesperson Bruce Baird. “We offer a turnkey solution to convert excess machinery to cash, and we have the know-how and experience to get it done fast.”

Speed and expert assistance aren’t the only reasons a business should consider the AIM platform as a means of selling off its excess inventory, though. The Aaron Industrial Marketplace team’s ability to get the job done with minimal interruption to normal operations is another. But perhaps the most compelling one is AIM’s capability to maximize a business’s profits on such sales.

“Before an auction gets underway, we take the time to talk to business owners one on one. During that interaction, we’re able to give them a better understanding of what their equipment is really worth. Oftentimes, AIM sees more value in tangible assets than the actual business owners do. As a result, we can help them secure the most money for their equipment,” Baird adds.

What’s more, the amount of equipment needing to be liquidated is not an issue for AIM. The Aaron Industrial Marketplace has the capability to sell individual production pieces all the way to complete plants, even under tight deadlines. In less than 30 days, the company was able to sell off all the leftover assets of a soon-to-close heat treating plant and leave behind a clean building.

Business owners who need to clear out excess machinery and equipment in a hurry can learn more about what the Aaron Industrial Marketplace has to offer online at For more information on the auction platform that is now focusing on easing the asset liquidation process, contact Bruce Baird at (510) 452-7858.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aaron Industrial Marketplace Helps a Closing Company Liquidate Excess Inventory on Tight Deadline

AIM Auction Platform Delivers Results on Short Notice

Chicago, IL – January 20, 2012 – When a local metal heat treating firm found itself needing to liquidate inventory in a hurry this past December, it turned to the Aaron Industrial Marketplace (AIM) for help. With just 30 days left until the company had to vacate its premises, the timeframe was tight but AIM delivered results that exceeded expectations despite the urgency. By January 6, 2012, the auction company successfully sold off the assets and coordinated a scrap and clean-up effort that left behind a broom clean building.  

The precipitating event behind the last-minute auction was that the metal heat treating company was closing its doors.  Having already sold most of its major assets, the company was staring down excess assets that were cluttering up its plant and offices. Getting rid of everything by their early January deadline appeared daunting.

The remaining items consisted of everything from older heat treating equipment, a maintenance department, testing lab, forklifts and other material handling equipment to office furniture.  Finding a single source that could liquidate everything fast seemed nearly impossible. 

That’s when the company turned to AIM. When the company mentioned that it had to leave behind a completely empty office and warehouse by early January, the Aaron Industrial Marketplace team didn’t blink an eye. They agreed to take on all that remained and then proceeded to auction off and scrap out the balance of the items in less than 30 days.

“It’s not uncommon for businesses to find themselves in a tight squeeze where they need to close out the books by liquidating equipment or completing a sales project by the end of the year,” explains AIM spokesperson, Bruce Baird. “In the midst of the busy holiday season, other liquidators might tell them to come back in January, when it would have been too late. At AIM, we pride ourselves on not letting time constraints get in the way. With only a short window to perform it, we got the job done for this company and we can do the same for other businesses who are put into a similar time crunch.”

Business owners who need to liquidate and clean up some of their unused materials quickly can learn more about what the Aaron Industrial Marketplace has to offer online at For more information on the auction platform that simplified this going-out-of-business process, contact Bruce Baird at (510) 452-7858.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aaron Industrial Marketplace Gears Up for Packaging Equipment Auction

AIM Begins New Year by Putting Primary and Secondary Packaging Machinery on the Auction Block 

Bensenville, IL – January 25, 2012 – Manufacturers who are looking for a good deal on quality-condition packaging equipment should mark their new 2012 calendars for January 24. At 9:00 a.m. CST on that day, the Aaron Industrial Marketplace (AIM) will begin auctioning off several lots of primary and secondary packaging equipment. The lots being sold span the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. Bidding will extend through January 26 at 4:00 p.m. CST and will be conducted on the AIM online auction platform.

The items up for bid will run the gamut of primary and secondary packaging machinery. Some of the highlights include bag sealers, bottle washers, cappers, case erectors, feeders, fillers, labelers, palletizers, tray sealers, wrappers and shrink equipment. Among the brand names bidders will recognize are Crown, Bemis, Fischbein, Doboy, Standard Metal Products, Jones, CAM, Anderson Machine, Superior, Wexxar, Circle, 3M, Ross, Krones, Polypak and Scandia, just to name a few.

Interested bidders who would like to inspect the equipment before committing to their top price are encouraged to arrange an appointment to do so. All of the machinery is presently being stored in a single location for convenient viewing and is available for onsite inspection.

“We want bidders to take part in this AIM auction knowing exactly what they’ll be walking away from it with,” explains Aaron Industrial Marketplace spokesperson Pat Quinn. “Unlike most auction platform providers, we have the in-house expertise to arm bidders with the accurate and detailed information they need to make informed buying decisions and to determine their price point.”

Quinn goes on to point out, “This primary and secondary packaging equipment auction is a great opportunity for manufacturers to get their 2012 budgets off on the right foot by picking up good machinery for well below market value. Most of the equipment on the bidding block is in very good condition, with a select few items needing only minor reconditioning to bring them up to next-to-new quality.”

Pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetics manufacturers who would like to learn more about the primary and secondary packaging equipment AIM has up for bid can do so online at For more information on how to arrange an onsite inspection of the machinery prior to auction close, contact Pat Quinn at (630) 238-7531.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aaron Industrial Marketplace Looks Forward to Another Successful Year of Online Equipment Bidding

AIM Auction Platform Aims to Keep Its Sales Momentum Going in 2012

Chicago, IL – Aaron Industrial Marketplace (AIM) ends 2011 on a high note, with full anticipation of an even more successful 2012. The online auction platform that is devoted to the sale of used, new and reconditioned-to-new equipment wound down the clock on 15 auctions this past year, all of which exceeded the company’s goals and expectations.

Among the highlights of the year-long bidding frenzy were a tank and vessel lot in January that sold at an average of 15 percent above the expected auction value. Aaron Industrial Marketplace followed up that 2011 opener with a quartet of successes in February, including a toner (pulverized) manufacturing equipment auction that drew in 34 registered bidders from the U.S. and abroad. With the winners hailing from four different countries, this auction solidified AIM’s international process equipment auction presence.

Even a tight niche, a potato processing auction in March proved a pleasant surprise in terms of both its sell-through rate and the dollar amount recorded. More recently, when the company’s nutraceutical equipment auction closed in October, it proved the most successful auction conducted through the bidding arena to date.

AIM owes at least part of these successes to the new features it introduced to its auction platform in 2011. In particular, the addition of a “Buy It Now” capability attracted bidders wishing to close a deal instantly. Company spokesperson Bruce Baird explains, “We received great feedback on this functionality, which we anticipate to propel us forward into a banner 2012.”

If the 2012 Aaron Industrial Marketplace calendar is any indication, Baird’s predictions will easily hold true. The company already has 14 auctions scheduled for the New Year, with plans to hold at least one per month throughout the year. Those currently on tap for 2012 encompass equipment from a wide range industries, including food processing and packaging, chemical, test equipment, chemical processing equipment, and sheet and plastic molding equipment.

“We are anxiously looking forward to extending the momentum we sparked in 2011 into 2012 and beyond,” Baird notes. “Based on the continually growing interest in the AIM platform, we’ll be booking even more auctions this upcoming year than we did last year.”

Buyers and sellers of equipment who would like to learn more about what the Aaron Industrial Marketplace has in store for 2012 can check out all the upcoming auctions online at For more information on the platform enhancements that catapulted AIM to its 2011 successes, contact Bruce Baird at (510) 452-7858.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nutraceuticals, Plastics Compounding and New Buy Now Feature Highlight Aaron Industrial Marketplace’s October Auctions

Four Bidding Opportunities to Consist of Mixing/Compounding/Pelletizing Line, Nutraceuticals Manufacturing Line, Reduction Grinders and Stainless Steel Kettles

Chicago, IL – October 8, 2011 – Now well into its second full year in operation, the Aaron Industrial Marketplace (AIM) has added a new selling feature that will make buying new, used and reconditioned process equipment quicker and easier. In addition to two regular auctions featuring nutraceutical and plastics compounding equipment during the month of October, the company has just unveiled a Buy Now feature. This instant purchasing opportunity allows buyers to snag featured items at reduced pricing, without fear of being outbid at the last minute. Plastic size reduction grinders and 80-gallon stainless steel kettles will be the first products to bear the Buy Now button.

The AIM bidding will reach a frenzy on October 12–13 and on October 26–27. During those two-day timeframes, the Aaron Industrial Marketplace will have a total of 177 lots up for sales. Sixty-one of these lots will be part of a plastics compounding equipment sale while the other 116 will constitute a buyout of the inventory resulting from the closure of a complete turnkey nutraceuticals manufacturing facility.

The October 12–13 nutraceuticals auction consists of a buyout of a complete turn-key manufacturing facility for specialty blends, bulk blends, packaged powder blends, bulk or packaged tablets (coated, uncoated and chewable) and bulk or packaged capsules. The private label manufacturer of this equipment is Roex, the maker of quality nutritional supplements that are recognized as “The Educated Choice in Nutrition.” Also up for bid is a complete analytical and microbiological lab for quality assurance of raw materials and finished products.

Key items on the block from the plastics compounding collection slated for October 26–27 are a Baker Perkins compounding/pelletizing line, a Draiswerke Gelimat Thermokinetic mixing/compounding line and a Farrel compound system. In addition, single, twin screw and lab extruders by Davis Standard Egan, HPM, Berstoff, Cincinnati Milacron, APV Baker and Farrel, Leistriz & Welding will be up for bid as will high-intensity and lab mixers by Henschel, Littleford/Lodige and Welex & Pappenmeier.

Rounding out the bidding is a rollout of the Aaron Industrial Marketplace’s new Buy Now feature. In October, six plastic size reduction grinders and nine 80-gallon stainless steel kettles will be available for purchase at reduced pricing directly from the AIM website with a credit card.

“AIM is pleased to announce that it has added a ‘buy now’ feature to our state-of-the-art auction platform,” explains company spokesperson, Bruce Baird. “We successfully completed our first Buy Now offering just this last week, and we anticipate the functionality to become a regular and popular part of our process equipment marketplace.”

Process equipment buyers who like to score some great deals in October can check out all the regular auction and Buy Now items up for bid by visiting the Aaron Industrial Marketplace online at Buyers and sellers who are interested in taking part in upcoming AIM auctions can contact Bruce Baird at (510) 452-7858.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Global Leader in Used and New Equipment

One of the largest global dealers of used and new equipment, Aaron Equipment Company specializes in process and packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical, food, plastics, chemical and allied industries. 
In recent years, the company has provided consulting services to several Fortune 100 companies whose large projects have involved multiple sites. These sites’ equipment has ranged from commodity plant utilities to highly engineered process systems. To help them achieve the highest ROI, Aaron recommended selling their equipment through multiple sales channels:
  1. Onsite liquidation
  2. Retail sales
  3. Online auction
Aaron’s significant storage facilities (over 400,000 square feet of inside storage and 40 acres of outside storage), shop capabilities and staff in North America and Europe renders the company well-established for both retail equipment sales and offsite liquidations. 
As online transactions increased, Aaron quickly recognized a void. The company had been utilizing third-party auction sites to sell its own inventory.  Management soon discovered, however, that this approach prevented them from leveraging their market data.  Desiring the ability to sell equipment in house across multiple sales channels, Aaron created its own custom online auction platform. Hence, AIM (Aaron Industrial Marketplace)  was born and tightly integrated with the company’s internal systems and analytics. 

Orchestration of Aaron’s three sales channels with its data and analytics has resulted in higher and faster returns (e.g., prior to a sales campaign the company provides historical demand and sales history to determine reserve pricing, if applicable).  Once the sales process begins, Aaron provides management with real-time quote history, web traffic and other proprietary market information.  This data enhances decision-making (e.g., when to change sales channels or whether a negotiated sales offer should be accepted).

Aaron is a proven partner having worked with many major auction firms and is confident its new capabilities will lead to many more such partnerships.  Those who have worked with the company know Aaron for appraisals assistance,  our management is “easy to do business with” and every effort is made to work the deal!

In the event a sale fails to bring the desired minimum, Aaron can now provide more than just its traditional sales channel.  Our multiple selling streams set us apart.  For clientele who do not have their own sites, AIM is available as a value added service as it can be used to private label 3rd party sales. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aaron Industrial Marketplace’s August Auctions Offering Something to Match Almost Every Process Equipment Need

Five Bidding Sessions to Consist of Laboratory Equipment, Plastics Compounding, Wood Pellet, Plastics Sheet Extrusion and Soap Manufacturing Items

Chicago, IL – August 3, 2011 – All 50 states may have experienced record high temperatures in July, but August is shaping up to be even hotter in the process equipment industry. That’s because the Aaron Industrial Marketplace (AIM) will be setting a record of its own, with five auctions scheduled throughout the month. Each bidding lot will be devoted to a different process equipment niche: Laboratory Instrument and Accessories, Plastics Compounding Equipment, Wood Pellet Manufacturing, Plastic Sheet Extrusion and Soap Manufacturing Process Equipment.

Starting off the August bidding frenzy at AIM will be the laboratory, instrument and accessories auction on August 9 and 10. Key items in this lot include an eclectic array of double arm mixers, laser telemetric systems, porisimeters, water baths, weather testers, thermogravimetric analyzers and ultrasonic cleaners.

Next up on the auction block is plastics compounding equipment, which is slated to be sold August 10 and 11. This auction will consist of 31 lots, with a Baker Perkins compounding/pelletizing line, a Draiswerke Gelimat Thermokinetic mixing/compounding line, a Farrel compound system plus single, twin screw and lab extruders by Davis Standard Egan, HPM, Berstoff, Cincinnati Milacron, APV Baker, Farrel and Leistriz & Welding, and high-intensity and lab mixers by Henschel, Littleford/Lodige and Welex & Pappenmeier being highlights.

The Aaron Industrial Marketplace bidding action continues on August 11 and 12 with a diverse selection of wood pellet manufacturing items like screw conveyors, dust collectors, forklifts, machine tools, pellet mills and lump breakers.

Plastics will once again be the focus on August 12 and 13 with a plastic sheet extrusion facility auction. This collection of 55 lots will feature a Killion plastic sheet extrusion line, a Welex wide sheet line, Egan & Waldon Hartic cast film lines, a Crown sheet take off system, Labotec & Novatec desiccant dryers, a Una-Dyn gas-fired solid bed dehumidifying drying system, Gienro & Ledco laminators, an Acrison feeding system, a Foremost five-component conveyor system, a Convair volumetric feeder and a Schwitzer vacuum loader.

August will finally wind down at the Aaron Industrial Marketplace with a soap manufacturing process equipment auction on August 23 and 24. Items in this auction’s lots will include bins, air compressors, kettles, scales, soap analyzers, tanks and autoclaves.

Process equipment buyers who are looking for some hot deals at some cool prices this August can learn more about the laboratory equipment, plastics compounding, wood pellet, plastics sheet extrusion and soap manufacturing items up for bid throughout the month by visiting the Aaron Industrial Marketplace online at Buyers and sellers who are interested in taking part in upcoming AIM auctions can contact Bruce Baird at (510) 452-7858.