Monday, September 19, 2011

A Global Leader in Used and New Equipment

One of the largest global dealers of used and new equipment, Aaron Equipment Company specializes in process and packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical, food, plastics, chemical and allied industries. 
In recent years, the company has provided consulting services to several Fortune 100 companies whose large projects have involved multiple sites. These sites’ equipment has ranged from commodity plant utilities to highly engineered process systems. To help them achieve the highest ROI, Aaron recommended selling their equipment through multiple sales channels:
  1. Onsite liquidation
  2. Retail sales
  3. Online auction
Aaron’s significant storage facilities (over 400,000 square feet of inside storage and 40 acres of outside storage), shop capabilities and staff in North America and Europe renders the company well-established for both retail equipment sales and offsite liquidations. 
As online transactions increased, Aaron quickly recognized a void. The company had been utilizing third-party auction sites to sell its own inventory.  Management soon discovered, however, that this approach prevented them from leveraging their market data.  Desiring the ability to sell equipment in house across multiple sales channels, Aaron created its own custom online auction platform. Hence, AIM (Aaron Industrial Marketplace)  was born and tightly integrated with the company’s internal systems and analytics. 

Orchestration of Aaron’s three sales channels with its data and analytics has resulted in higher and faster returns (e.g., prior to a sales campaign the company provides historical demand and sales history to determine reserve pricing, if applicable).  Once the sales process begins, Aaron provides management with real-time quote history, web traffic and other proprietary market information.  This data enhances decision-making (e.g., when to change sales channels or whether a negotiated sales offer should be accepted).

Aaron is a proven partner having worked with many major auction firms and is confident its new capabilities will lead to many more such partnerships.  Those who have worked with the company know Aaron for appraisals assistance,  our management is “easy to do business with” and every effort is made to work the deal!

In the event a sale fails to bring the desired minimum, Aaron can now provide more than just its traditional sales channel.  Our multiple selling streams set us apart.  For clientele who do not have their own sites, AIM is available as a value added service as it can be used to private label 3rd party sales.