Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aaron Industrial Marketplace Looks Forward to Another Successful Year of Online Equipment Bidding

AIM Auction Platform Aims to Keep Its Sales Momentum Going in 2012

Chicago, IL – Aaron Industrial Marketplace (AIM) ends 2011 on a high note, with full anticipation of an even more successful 2012. The online auction platform that is devoted to the sale of used, new and reconditioned-to-new equipment wound down the clock on 15 auctions this past year, all of which exceeded the company’s goals and expectations.

Among the highlights of the year-long bidding frenzy were a tank and vessel lot in January that sold at an average of 15 percent above the expected auction value. Aaron Industrial Marketplace followed up that 2011 opener with a quartet of successes in February, including a toner (pulverized) manufacturing equipment auction that drew in 34 registered bidders from the U.S. and abroad. With the winners hailing from four different countries, this auction solidified AIM’s international process equipment auction presence.

Even a tight niche, a potato processing auction in March proved a pleasant surprise in terms of both its sell-through rate and the dollar amount recorded. More recently, when the company’s nutraceutical equipment auction closed in October, it proved the most successful auction conducted through the bidding arena to date.

AIM owes at least part of these successes to the new features it introduced to its auction platform in 2011. In particular, the addition of a “Buy It Now” capability attracted bidders wishing to close a deal instantly. Company spokesperson Bruce Baird explains, “We received great feedback on this functionality, which we anticipate to propel us forward into a banner 2012.”

If the 2012 Aaron Industrial Marketplace calendar is any indication, Baird’s predictions will easily hold true. The company already has 14 auctions scheduled for the New Year, with plans to hold at least one per month throughout the year. Those currently on tap for 2012 encompass equipment from a wide range industries, including food processing and packaging, chemical, test equipment, chemical processing equipment, and sheet and plastic molding equipment.

“We are anxiously looking forward to extending the momentum we sparked in 2011 into 2012 and beyond,” Baird notes. “Based on the continually growing interest in the AIM platform, we’ll be booking even more auctions this upcoming year than we did last year.”

Buyers and sellers of equipment who would like to learn more about what the Aaron Industrial Marketplace has in store for 2012 can check out all the upcoming auctions online at http://www.AaronIndustrialMarketplace.com. For more information on the platform enhancements that catapulted AIM to its 2011 successes, contact Bruce Baird at (510) 452-7858.

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